Wow, it’s been a long time since we wrote about our ministry, but since we’ve come back from Kona after our PCYM school one thing is for sure WE ARE CHANGED and CHALLENGED …
We learned for sure to say NO to many different things but we also learned to say YES for what is bringing JOY to Jesus’ heart in the right time, place and situation.
We are experiencing change in our ministry toward learning how to listen to God’s voice and work as family and living the Kingdom together generationally. You can ask how is it? It’s not easy because we have been living as a church, fellowships for years separately in everything possible in our communities, churches, fellowships, groups etc….
We strongly believe that 2013 is a year to shift the routine and habits and start thinking differently, to see the young generation praying for the older, and older praying for younger; not only that but working together!

I will start for our hope for the 2013 mission adventure called STRONG TOGETHER, a generational mission to Bless and help and connect with the older generation in Poland who very often is “locked” in “Old folks houses”.  If you’re reading this and feel a heart for the very often forgotten generation, please join us!

Obrazek 12

King’s Kids Poland split for two different mission this year one is still continue to serve the local society in Ruda Slaska where this year we were able to get a valuable award “The Best Non Profit Organization in Ruda Slaska” award from the Mayor of Ruda Slaska and an other one for Grzegorz Skrobarczyk as “Friend of Ruda Slaska” a prestige award for those who serve the city.
We are very Blessed and want to serve the city to change and transform people lives.

In Ruda Slaska there is Kids Ministry serving the needy kids and single mother ministry serving the single mothers and women who are living in a special CARE center (where in 2007 we were able to build Playground ) Ministry is lead by Aniela Skrobarczyk who’s serving the moms with her sister-in-law Basia.

single women
Aniela Skrobarczyk and Aunt Basia Ploch next to her on the right and women from the women’s shelter with Director from the City Social health Department.

The other part of king’s Kids ministry is among the needy kids in the area of Orzegow where KK is located and is rethinking the focus to reach the youngest generation to build solid foundations in their lives. Sandra and Lukas with Sandra, Ania, Kamila, Paulina, Jakub, Grzegorz the volunteers trying to reach young generation through dance and 7/11 club. In the same time we are focusing to disciple more our volunteers to know Him Better and make Him known. It is a process so please pray for us! This year we were in a big financial challenge but thanks to God and the Monroe family God blessed us and help to cover some of the needs. Our prayer for the next year is that God will show HIS direction to their activity and ministry.

King’s Kids Crew from Ruda Slaska to serve the young generation. 


As some of you know the Skrobarczyks moved to Warsaw and it was God’s calling to serve there and build King’s Kids Ministry around Poland. For now, we are slowly building relationships with people around and visiting churches to share KKI values and principles. We sadly had to say no for some proposition to be involved in some ministries here. But we are happy to build first our priority FAMILY and then serve together.
In September we were invited and involve to lead big kids program for kids in Krakow at Life Festival a Christian Crusade of David Hathaway. We meet over 60 teachers from around South Poland and challenged them to do teaching creative way – it’s been great and awesome to see how people’s hearts changed and caught on fire. We have impacted not only teachers but around 1,000 kids who came with parents. God was dwelling through the little hearts and bring them to HIS presence, changing lives and impacted their thinking about God the Father. Personally i never forget the sign on the cross who change me: ” I hated my mom so much , but I understood today that God Love me therefore I have to love my mom” or “God i need you to teach me how to not to lie”.  It was great to see God filling up our small tent with His Glory! There was more what happened but some of the stories are really personal and Praise to the Lord that He was there!
The Cross with kids' prayers and requests
The Cross with kids’ prayers and requests
Teachers from Sunday Schools in South of Poland  
Teachers from Sunday Schools in South of Poland
The Festival of Life in our King's Kids Ministry tent
The Festival of Life in our King’s Kids Ministry tent


Right now we are serving the private Christian school in Warsaw where mostly we are teaching the Bible Hour class where with Erin and all the 100 kids we learning how to listen God’s voice. We don’t have so much space to write what God has been doing but he is working incredible through their hearts. They start to hear and one of the many things we did was to learn serve the local neighbors by doing Christmas cards and praying for them on the street. Other things we did, we pray and received how to bless others and God showed us write letters to really sick kids through some non-profit organization. It was incredible what kids received and then their enthusiasm to send it to two kids.


Handmade cards
Handmade cards


Going to the neighbors with our classes during Bible hours
Going to the neighbors with our classes during Bible hours

Two of our big KKI projects in 2012:



God Bless you and thank you that you were with us the whole 2012 year!
“It is really You, Lord!” – new phase of KKI in Poland
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2 thoughts on ““It is really You, Lord!” – new phase of KKI in Poland

  • hello to you! Thank you very much and Thank you to our God who is giving us the strength to do 🙂 We are as well amazed by You coming here to Poland and leaving United States for long! God Bless You!
    Some of the ministry are close to you because only 7,45 Miles from Katowice. Perhaps would you be interesting to serve with your gift to single mother house (approx 12 women) or Kids foster house ?
    I bet they would love it to have you there at least once a week. if you would be interesting please pray and ask God if that would be something you can also add , if not just gently forget 🙂

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