I’m built up!
Less than two months ago with the second graders from “Samuel” school we were looking at pictures of children who need help and there’s a possibility to write letters to them. While we prayed God started to speak to our kids to choose Casper and write to him. Casper can not walk and suffers from muscular atrophy. He is only 10 years old. Children in their prayers were moved to send him a Bible, but personally I thought to send him other books about animals since on his profile animals were listed as an interest of his. After talking with our beloved children, I learned that I do not understand what they heard from God… that in the Bible are stories about animals and lions, and to prove it kids made bookmarks with animals and lions with regard to bible history. They put these bookmarks in the bible to be mailed to Casper in order for him to better find the Daniel Story and others! I have nothing else left to say than Amen and thanks to Kasia – for tutoring them and going with His voice together with her class. I pray to God now for healing Casper that His Family can be moved and touched by His miracle!





When I don’t understand
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