Ania’s Testimony:
During our quiet time with God on a train we were wondering about specific things we received from God this intensive weekend so as not to forget grace and goodness we have from Him. – I was given an opportunity to  be a team leader and learned a lot e.g. patience and cooperation with children as well as learning how to listen to them.
Ann 13:
 It was my first time In Berlin and for the first time I could take part in life of people living there, serving older people by weeding, praising God together and praying.
Gabrysia 15:
For the first time I received a word from God, I could pray for the whole city.
  • work with Serve The City
  • very important for me was the quiet time with Mr. Jack and Mrs. Mary
  • amazing worship time
  • The Holy Ghost was working, possibility of serving with Serve the City
  • help, smile and fellowship
  • the opportunity of working there with my son, I could appreciate him, see what he’s experiencing, I could share the gospel in a practical way, we learned to be a team and to be obedient in love
  • my special moment was the prayer for the German nation at the Bundestag roof, serving at the retirement home, Lord’s Supper shared with Poles and Germans, learning to see God in others and to say
To Him be the glory!
Berlin Mission Trip Testimony
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